Chapter 33 – Is this a first-class evaluation?

"No, Senior Sister Heavenly Phoenix treats me very well and even comforted me not to be too sad."

Brandon Jiang shook his head, still seemingly immersed in sorrow.

Patricia Qing nodded in satisfaction upon hearing this.

What a pleasant surprise! Who would have thought that Brandon Jiang had such a deep connection with Yan Baobao?

It's a pity she died so mysteriously. Otherwise, with her help, Brandon Jiang would have easily made a name for himself in front of Senior Sister Heavenly Phoenix.

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However, it's also good that Yan Baobao is dead.

Having dealt with Senior Sister Heavenly Phoenix for so long, she knew very well the position Yan Baobao held in her heart.

Now that Yan Baobao is dead, Senior Sister Heavenly Phoenix might transfer her affection to Brandon Jiang.

If things really develop this way, as Brandon Jiang's recommender, she would undoubtedly leave a very deep impression on Senior Sister Heavenly Phoenix.

This was even better than the best scenario she had imagined!

Brandon Jiang was truly her lucky star.

Thinking of this, Patricia Qing looked at Brandon Jiang with even more tenderness.

"Junior Sister Jiang, such a big event has happened, I understand you. You can take a day off to adjust your mood."

Brandon Jiang shook his head, wiped away his tears, and said firmly:

"Thank you for your kindness, Senior Sister, but I just want to follow you and learn alchemy well."

"If Sister Yan's spirit is in heaven, she surely wouldn't want to see me slack off because of her."

Patricia Qing was surprised. She didn't expect Brandon Jiang's Daoist Heart to be so firm. Despite the recent tragic death of a close relative, he had already recovered!

She admired Brandon Jiang even more and smiled:

"Then take a seat and learn well. Don't let me and Junior Sister Yan down."


Brandon Jiang took his seat, and Patricia Qing continued with her alchemy. The hall returned to its quiet state.

As time passed, Patricia Qing's batch of elixirs was successfully completed.

Although Brandon Jiang hadn't learned the specific elixir being made today or its key points from Chu Jun, he was no novice in alchemy. Based on his own knowledge, he could discern quite a bit.

Answering questions wouldn't be too difficult for him. He could easily get a C-grade evaluation, and even a B-grade evaluation was within reach.

After completing the elixir, Patricia Qing began the routine assessment.

She asked each disciple in turn, and their evaluations varied. Although Chu Jun answered well, her evaluation was still C-grade.

Soon, it was Brandon Jiang's turn.

"Junior Sister Jiang, what is the role of the Seven Treasures Ginseng, one of the two main ingredients of the Heart Protection Elixir?"

Patricia Qing asked.

Brandon Jiang pondered for a moment and replied:

"The Heart Protection Elixir is used to save lives. The Seven Treasures Ginseng in it has the effects of replenishing qi and strengthening the body, restoring the pulse and preventing collapse, and nourishing blood and fluids."

Patricia Qing nodded slightly and smiled:

"Very well answered. I give you an A-grade evaluation."

An A-grade evaluation!

Upon hearing this evaluation, both Brandon Jiang and the other white-robed disciples were stunned.


Just for explaining the effects of Seven Treasures Ginseng, an A-grade evaluation?

There were ten white-robed disciples present, and five of them could have answered better and more detailed than Brandon Jiang!

Such a simple question, and it resulted in an A-grade evaluation?

But soon, the disciples realized and looked at Brandon Jiang with some jealousy.

It was clear that Senior Sister Patricia Qing was favoring Brandon Jiang, intending to nurture her.

It was likely that this wouldn't be the only time. Similar situations would probably happen in the future.

High-level evaluations meant a large amount of resources.

It was easy to imagine how fast Brandon Jiang's cultivation speed would be in the future. She might soon leave them far behind!

But apart from being jealous, there was nothing they could do. Could they question Senior Sister Patricia Qing's evaluation?

That would be courting death!

Brandon Jiang quickly realized this too and said respectfully and excitedly:

"Thank you, Senior Sister Patricia!"

Patricia Qing smiled and nodded:

"No need to thank me. This is all the result of your hard work. Remember not to become arrogant and continue to maintain your efforts."


Brandon Jiang nodded repeatedly and then immediately said:

"But I should still thank you. No matter how talented I am, it is all thanks to your teaching, Senior Sister Patricia. Without you, I would still be a mere mortal!"

Patricia Qing was even more satisfied. Brandon Jiang had not become arrogant despite connecting with Senior Sister Heavenly Phoenix and still maintained her original sincerity. This kind of character was truly precious and worth nurturing.

However, while Brandon Jiang was so outstanding, Ashley Taibai, on the other hand, remained unappreciative!

They were both newcomers who joined at the same time, so why was there such a big difference?

Thinking of this, Patricia Qing became a bit angry and looked coldly at Ashley Taibai:

"Ashley Taibai! Did I make any mistakes while refining the elixir just now? Point out at least three!"

Hearing this question, Ashley Taibai was stunned.

The other white-robed disciples also secretly clicked their tongues.

What did this newcomer do to offend Senior Sister Patricia Qing to be asked such a tricky question?

Whether she could answer or not, it was a dead end!

If she couldn't answer, she would get a D-grade evaluation.

If she could answer, she would offend Senior Sister Patricia Qing to death. If not today, then tomorrow she would be dead!

A dead end!

Ashley Taibai naturally understood this too.

Rather than not answering, she would rather answer first.

But the problem was, how could she, who had only attended a few alchemy classes, see the mistakes of Patricia Qing, a Foundation Establishment Stage alchemist? Let alone three mistakes?

Even if it were Chu Jun answering this question, she wouldn't be able to find three mistakes.

Patricia Qing's face grew colder:

"What? With your A-grade top-tier talent, you can't even find one mistake?"

"I see you haven't been paying attention in class at all!"

Ashley Taibai bit her lip and lowered her head, not saying a word.


Patricia Qing snorted coldly and was about to pass judgment when suddenly, Brandon Jiang spoke up.

He bowed and said respectfully:

"Senior Sister Patricia, you misunderstood. This question is unanswerable, so she can't answer it."

Patricia Qing looked at Brandon Jiang, raising an eyebrow:

"How is it unanswerable?"

Brandon Jiang said:

"I observed your alchemy process, and your technique was flawless, without a single mistake. Naturally, it is unanswerable."

Patricia Qing smiled with satisfaction after hearing this.

She then looked at Ashley Taibai with a cold face and said:

"Look! Look at how Brandon Jiang answered, and then look at your performance!"

"Don't think that just because you have A-grade top-tier talent, you can be arrogant and disrespectful, understand!"

"Considering Brandon Jiang's face, you get a C-grade evaluation. Step down!"

Ashley Taibai nodded silently and stepped aside.

After assessing the remaining disciples, Patricia Qing ended the class.

Brandon Jiang walked out of Senior Sister Patricia Qing's residence and was about to head to the Cultivation Hall when a figure followed her.

"Junior Sister Taibai? What do you need from me?"

Brandon Jiang looked at the girl beside her, surprised.

Ashley Taibai said sincerely:

"Thank you for helping me out. Without your help, I might have been dead."

"It was just a small effort."

Brandon Jiang smiled and shook her head, then hesitated slightly before inviting:

"Are you hungry? Let me take you to get something to eat."


Ashley Taibai nodded, looking very obedient.


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