Chapter 315 – The situation of alien planet

Mi Xiaojing asked, "You mean all these changes are caused by the Sea of Flames?"

Tian Cang shook his head and replied, "I don't know about that!"

Tian Cang was indeed unclear about the connection. It was just a casual remark from Mi Xiaojing that inadvertently pinpointed the source of chaos on Cangmin Star. Of course, he didn't think much further about it.

Wan Bao and Mo Yuer were also present.

Mo Yuer looked despondent, in stark contrast to Mu Xiaoyin's spirited demeanor. Since Mu Xiaoyin began her cultivation journey, she had fulfilled a lifelong dream. She had always dreamed of cultivating, and three months ago, after absorbing the Tea of Dao Lord, her wish was finally granted. She was now completely content, spending her days with a silly grin on her face.

Yang Shan sat beside Wan Bao, the two chatting and laughing softly, clearly showing their close relationship.

Thousand Poisons Qian remained silent, his head lowered, lost in thought.

Mi Xiaojing sighed and said, "Let's just be ready ourselves. Forget I said anything." He suddenly realized that even if they were prepared, where could they go?

Wang Weijun chuckled from the Heart Tower. After a while, he said, "Little guy, where do you plan to go? Haha."

Mi Xiaojing replied gloomily, "I don't know. I just realized that having a sect is like having a home. Whether it's the Western Evolutionary Sect or the Heart Sect, at least I had a place to return to. Now, where can I go?"

"I have no idea."

Mi Xiaojing answered helplessly.

Wang Weijun said, "I do have a place. Do you want me to tell you? Do you? Do you? Hahaha." This guy suddenly became inexplicably smug again.

Mi Xiaojing was already used to Wang Weijun's strange behavior. He believed that an Elemental Infant stuck in the Heart Tower, unable to communicate with anyone else, would naturally develop an abnormal personality, even if cultivation could alleviate boredom.

Mi Xiaojing said, "Just tell me, where can we go?"

Mi Xiaojing pestered Wang Weijun, repeatedly asking. He had come to rely heavily on this guy. Over time, Mi Xiaojing understood that having guidance made a huge difference. He had reached the Golden Elixir stage in his teens, largely thanks to Wang Weijun's help.

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Sometimes, a single word from Wang Weijun could solve a problem Mi Xiaojing had pondered for a long time. Therefore, Mi Xiaojing valued Wang Weijun's opinions greatly.

"Hurry up and tell me!"

"I have a secluded place on this planet. It should be very safe. You can hide there temporarily. Besides, I have some things stored there. If you can get there, they're all yours. I don't need them anymore."

"Uh, I see."

Mi Xiaojing wasn't interested in Wang Weijun's collection. He had just acquired a large batch of treasures and didn't think Wang Weijun would have anything particularly valuable. Otherwise, he wouldn't have ended up in such a miserable state.

Wang Weijun didn't know he was being looked down upon by Mi Xiaojing. He said, "The place is quite remote. Only those who can fly can reach it."

With just that one sentence, Mi Xiaojing immediately dismissed the idea of relocating. He couldn't take ordinary people there. Should he only bring a few of his close friends? What about everyone else?

Moreover, Mi Xiaojing didn't want to live in seclusion. He had experienced the outside world and found it fascinating. Now, he wanted to explore. Previously, his cultivation level wasn't high enough, but now he had an Elemental Infant at Great Perfection as a bodyguard, and his friends' strength was rapidly increasing. Mi Xiaojing's courage was growing.

Mi Xiaojing had already gained some understanding of the cultivation world. He knew the concept of planets in the universe and understood that this world was infinitely vast. Cangmin Star was just a tiny dot.

Mi Xiaojing had long harbored the desire to venture out, especially after advancing to the Golden Elixir stage. He was eager to explore.

In fact, to venture to other planets, it was best to have the strength of the Elemental Infant stage. However, having the strength of the Golden Elixir stage was almost sufficient. This was the minimum requirement. Going out at the Foundation Establishment stage was too dangerous, with a high likelihood of death.

Of course, if one had a powerful protector, it was a different story. Some large sects' second, third, or fourth-generation cultivators often ventured to other planets at the Foundation Establishment stage because they had powerful protectors. This greatly benefited their broadened horizons and cultivation insights.

Seeing more leads to greater knowledge, a widely accepted principle in the cultivation world.

However, for cultivators without a strong background, venturing out at the Foundation Establishment stage usually meant a high chance of death. Of course, there were also those with extraordinary luck who could survive various dangers and eventually grow strong. Such individuals were often exceptionally powerful, at least in their own realm.

The risks of venturing to other planets were immense, but so were the rewards. Once a cultivator understood the concept of the universe, none would want to remain in seclusion. They all wanted to explore, and Mi Xiaojing was no exception.

At this moment, the turmoil on Cangmin Star sparked Mi Xiaojing's desire to travel to other planets. He needed to discuss this with Wang Weijun, as Wang Weijun was not a local cultivator; he had come from another planet.

Mi Xiaojing had tried to probe Wang Weijun several times, curious about which planet he came from. However, Wang Weijun was tight-lipped and refused to reveal anything.

From Wang Weijun's perspective, given his current state, he had no face to speak of his past glories. Now, he was neither dead nor alive, an Elemental Infant trapped in a young boy's body. He couldn't even escape, let alone possess someone.

A once mighty Body Fusion stage expert, a true high-level cultivator in the cultivation world, now reduced to this state, Wang Weijun felt immense frustration and pain. He had no face to speak of his past achievements; it was utterly humiliating.

So he resolutely refused to talk about his past. Anything related to his previous life, he buried deep down, not even wanting to think about it.

"Everyone, focus on your cultivation for the time being. Especially you, try to advance to the Foundation Establishment stage as soon as possible!"

Zhang Ke wore a pained expression. Thanks to the Tea of Dao Lord, his aptitude and potential had improved, and his cultivation had progressed rapidly in recent times. However, Zhang Ke had a strong aversion to cultivation. He preferred cooking and managing a household, which gave him a sense of accomplishment. As for cultivation, it was just a pastime for his free time.

But recently, Zhang Ke had been pressured by a few youngsters, especially Luo Bo, who pushed him to cultivate.

"Alright, I'll try my best."

In fact, he was already close to reaching the Foundation Establishment stage. He consumed Spirit Pills like they were free. When one type of pill lost its effectiveness, he switched to a higher grade. If the higher grade also lost its effectiveness, he switched to another type of Spirit Pill and continued.

Such a cultivation method was unimaginable for ordinary cultivators!

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